Maximize Your Maxi

Want to get the most out of your maxi skirt? Here are a few styling ideas that you can try out today:

1. Maxi Dress

You maxi skirt makes a great swimsuit cover up or strapless summer dress just by pulling it up.

Want to hide your bra straps? Throw a Joy vest over top and add a touch of polish to you look. If you want to change it up further you can do a loose knot in the front which adds visual length or create a wrap look by tying it in the back.

2. Layer It

Have a dress in your closet that your maxi coordinates with? Layer it over top to give both pieces a new look. Since the maxi skirt is floor length, it can be layered over dresses from mini to maxi.

For example, this maxi is shown over the Cici flounce dress in two ways – first at the waist turning the dress into a flouncy top then pulled up for a maxi dress with a flounce.

Here the maxi is styled over a Nicole fit ‘n flare dress with a belt and vest.

3. Add Faux Buttons

To do this you’ll need some tiny rubber bands and buttons (or quarters). Place the button underneath the skirt where you want to create the button look and place the rubber band over. If you want to create a difference in height, fold up the section and use the ‘button’ to hold it in place.

4. Add a Floral Accent

Another way to change up the shape up the skirt is to create a flower using two hair bands.

5. Make a Draped Shirt/Dress

Flip your skirt upside down to create a draped skirt or mini dress – simply knot on each shoulder.

6. Make a Halter Top/Dress

Similar to the draped shirt, to create the halter top/dress flip your skirt upside down and knot behind your neck.

See more in our styling video!

Feature Style: Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt details

Style Details

Name: Maxi
Type: Skirt
Sizes: XXS-3X

The maxi skirt was the skirt that started it all. It was born of a request from one of DeAnne’s daughters that led to Instagram requests to skirt parties to the birth of LuLaRoe. Thus part of why it’s just the maxi, not a name like most LuLaRoe styles.

So what are some of the features that make the maxi the maxi aside from being an ankle length skirt?

  • The LuLaRoe Maxi skirt includes a yoga waistband which can be folded to adjust the length of the skirt.
  • The skirt has a subtle mermaid flare giving it shape without impairing walkability.
  • The back is slightly longer accounting for the booty.
  • Most maxis are made of what we call the slinky/magic material which gives some flexibility between sizes.*

The maxi is also a style that can be worn in a variety of ways. We’ll explore those more next week, but here are just a few examples from our Instagram account:




*Not sure which material a particular piece is made from? Ask! We’re happy to fill you in on feel, flex, etc.