Ready to Rock that Red, White, and Blue?

Memorial Day is almost here and it has us thinking of barbeques, summer days, flags, and parades. It’s also just one of the holidays where we show our love for America with some red, white, and blue.

To help you and your family get decked out for this and future holidays, we’ve curated an album full of red, white and blue. The items included in this album include everything from the subtle to stars and stripes.

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Oversize Your Irma

Fall in love with an Irma shirt several sizes bigger than your usual? Want to try something a little different with the ones already in your closet? Don’t despair. We’ve got some styling ideas from the simple to the extreme for you to try out.

Cuff It & Belt It

Tame the oversized with cuffing on the sleeves to bring them up and a belt to bring in that waistline.

Knot It

This is a great way to bring it that extra fabric and it perfect for layering over a dress or long tank. Drop the knot down and it’s also cute with jeans or shorts.

Drop A Shoulder

Drop a shoulder and tuck the sleeve into itself for an asymmetrical look. If you want to add a little va va voom, add that belt on to create an hourglass shape.

Go Sleeveless

Drop the other shoulder and you’ve got a sleeveless dress. You can tuck the sleeves in themselves and throw a belt on to keep up the hourglass or use them to bring in the sides by knotting.

This is an example of what it looks like knotted in the back.

Though my favorite of the three is the front knot. Tuck the ends for a more elegant appearance.

Halter Up

Once you’ve dropped the collar into a sleeveless position, you can also choose to use the sleeves to create a halter neck. Pull up the sleeves, knot, and lean over to floof a little for a nice draped look.

As usual, throw on a belt if you feel like the material is taking over.

Skirt the Matter

If you want to completely change things around then this last transformational tip is for you. Drop that collar to your waist and you’ve got a new skirt. Since arms hanging off the sides aren’t exactly in (though you never know what you’ll see during fashion week), tie them to make them look like they’re supposed to be there.

I like the off-center front knot, but you can also tie in the back if you prefer a smoother appearance.

Just Rock It

If this all seems like too much effort, rock it as is or throw on some black leggings or skinny pants, cute shoes and an awesome pair or earrings and go. The most important part is that you feel confident in what you’re wearing.

Prefer to watch the styling happen? Our video is now live on YouTube! You can’t see the top of my head for most of it, but you can see the Irma and that’s the important part 😉

Questions? Let us know!

May Drop In & Shops

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? Not loving your warmer weather wardrobe? Have a little take a growth spurt? We’ve got you covered! Drop in and shop at any of the following dates in the month of May:

Friday, May 10th: 4-6 pm
Saturday, May 11th: 4-6 pm*
Tuesday, May 14th: 10-12 & 4-6 pm
Wednesday, May 22nd: 6-8 pm
Thursday, May 30th: 5-7 pm

Need another time? Drop us a message and we can set up a shopping time that works for you 🙂

All drop in and shops are located at 2346 Joslyn Ct, Lake Orion MI above Gypsi Soul Inc (the green house in the back of Canterbury Village).

Save this image for a quick reference:

*We should have sufficient staff on hand for shopping earlier in the afternoon as well

Farewell Kids (For Now)

Do you have LuLaRoe Littles? If so, this post is for you. In April, LuLaRoe announced that we would be saying farewell to the entire kids collection including all kids dresses, shirts, layers and skirts.

Kid’s leggings will still be available.

This move will make room for new styles coming into the warehouses (like Nicki) and give LuLaRoe a chance to take another look at the collection itself. In the short term, we are mostly likely to see kids styles pop up in special collections.

If you and your littles would like a chance to snag some pieces before they’re gone, check out our ‘Farewell Kids’ album for some great pieces at great prices while supplies last.

Feature Style: The Nicki

Style Details

Name: Nicki
Type: Dress
Sizes: XXS-3X

Nicki is our brand new fit n flare dress with a tank top and flirty skirt.

So what are some of the features that make the Nicki a great addition to your wardrobe?

  • Fitted to the waist and then flares into an a-line skirt.
  • A tank top makes her great for summer or layering with a cardigan.
  • A knee length skirt makes her great and appropriate for work and play.
  • Pockets. She has pockets.

Wondering how versatile Nicki is? Here are a few examples of how we’re been pairing up Nicki for even more fun, fresh looks:

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