Intro to Pattern Mixing

Pattern mixing – or mashing as some call it – is a big trend for summer fashion this year. We’ve often played with it in the boutique, but we know that it’s a scary thing to a lot of people. If you are someone who is interested in trying out pattern mixing, but don’t know where to begin, check out these five rules of pattern mixing.

Color is Supreme

If you remember nothing else from this post remember this – your colors need to jive or the other four rules do not matter. More precisely, make sure at least one color is common between the pieces you are pattern mixing. More that one is even better.

Use Pattern Neutrals

Pattern neutrals are like neutral colors. They are patterns that mix well with other patterns. As a general rule these include stripes, polka dots, animal prints, and plaid. There are some who also include tie dye, but it depends a lot on the way the tie dye is done.

Texture is Different than Print (Most of the Time)

When playing with pattern mixing, texture – lace, imprints, knit, etc. – the majority of the time fits into the neutral pattern category. I say majority because some of these textures will come in colors that make a difference in that categorization and some are detailed enough or large enough to be considered a full on patter.

Vary Pattern Size

If you’ve been watching the runway photos or follow street style on Instagram then you may be looking at this and going ‘but, Alaina [insert name here] mixes patterns of the same size’. It’s true. There are people who mix similar size patterns and it looks amazing. However, as a rule, varying your pattern sizes helps your pattern mixes come together.

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

If color is supreme, confidence is it’s best friend. No matter how well you mix your patterns you must be confident in what you’re wearing or people will be able to tell. That may mean that you start small. Throw in some polka dots or small stripes. Take baby steps. Find pictures of what you like as examples. Then, when you’re ready, rock that look with full confidence.

Looking for examples? Check out these pattern mixing outfits we’ve pulled together:

Prefer a video format? Check out our YoutTube video here:

Tie Dye Party!

We are co-hosting a Ladies Night Tie Dye Party with Gypsi Soul inc on July 11th from 6-9pm.

Alaina will be demonstrating some of the most popular folds that we’ve done and will be available to assist with the dyeing process. All dyeing will be using liquid dye. We will be sending home care instructions on how to best wash out your piece(s) after giving the dye 24 hours to set.

If you are purchasing a piece of dyable LuLaRoe from us for the party, there is no additional dye fee.

Shop here for dyable pieces. We will be continuing to update this album as the event gets closer.

Gypsi Soul will also be offering scarves. To RSVP visit the Gypsi Soul website here.

If we do not have what you are looking for in stock or you have a piece you are dying to dye, please drop us an email so that we can work with you prior to the class to make sure you have what you need.

Samples of clothing tie dye projects that Alaina has done: