Meet Lucille & Valentina

Looking for something new and different from LuLaRoe? These two newly released style might be just what you’re waiting for!

The Lucille Cardigan

Lucille is here and ready for fall. She is a chunky knit cardigan with pockets that looks great oversized. She’s awesome with jeans, but is also long enough to wear with leggings and keep things covered.

Currently she has been released in solids, stripes, and two tone edged designs. She is coming in both a flat knit and a cable knit with a flat knit on the back.

Lucille has been hot, hot, hot so far so we only have a limited amount in stock right now, but plan to restock as soon as she becomes available for us to order again.

Shop Lucille now here.

The Valentina Button-Up

Our other new piece in shop is the Valentina button up. It’s no surprise that Valentina and versatile start with the same letter because she is a style that can go from casual to work attire and back again with no trouble at all.

At a glance Valentina may appear to be just any button up, but as I’ve been saying since I put her on at our Vision conference, she’s the button up I needed as a non-profit executive. Button ups have never been my friend as they were always all pull and no give. That isn’t the case with Valentina. She is made of a lightweight material blend that has enough stretch to look good without pulling or looking like you’re wearing a spandex bodysuit.

In addition to the material of Valentina making her great for fit, she also has tabs on the sleeve to button those scrunches or folds into place with a little more polish.

Shop Valentina here

All About Denim

LuLaRoe Denim has arrived and it is amazing! Seriously, I claimed a pair from our box to try them out for myself and they are all the things that I heard about at Vision conference – soft, stretchy, high recovery material with a magic no gap waistband that keeps them in place even when doing the bend and snap.

Looking for details? Keep reading.

The Material

When LuLaRoe decided to make denim there were a few things on the requirments list for the material – It had to soft. It had to be stretchy. It had to have high recovery aka hold its shape.
For these reasons, our denim is a blend of cotton, poly, viscose, and Lycra.

  • Cotton is the highest percentage and gives the denim it’s color, texture, and finish.
  • Poly makes the denim more durable than cotton would be on its own.
  • Viscose makes it softer than cotton is on it’s own If you’re no familiar with the material, pashminas are usually 100% viscose.
  • Lycra is what gives our denim it’s amazing stretch and recovery – above and beyond your standard elastic, which is why you will see a branded Lycra tag on each pair of LuLaRoe denim jeans. In the words of Pauk Pyo, our denim maestro, Lycra is elastic on steroids.

The Details

Amazing materials mean nothing without equally amazing details to go along with them. For our jeans that means a magic waistband, mesh slimming panel, busted out seams, and branded hardware.

The magic waistband is just that – magic. I wore these jeans Saturday evening and most of Sunday which meant driving, church, and the shop. There was no adjusting the waistband sitting or standing up, no plumbers crack worries. They stayed where they were supposed to be and it has to be the most comfortable waistband I’ve had on a pair of jeans ever.

When I mentioned the slimming panel to Barb she got a strange look on her face and proceeded to tell me that whenever she’s tried on jeans with a slimming panel she ended up with weird bumps along the edge of it. We’ve all tried on shapewear. We know what she’s talking about. With that in mind, one of the first things we checked for when trying them on for ourselves was weird bulges. We are happy to report that these slim without creating unsightly lumps.

You may be wondering what ‘busted out seams’ are. It’s probably not what you’re thinking. It simply means that if you cuff them you get a pretty aqua contrast stitch on the seam.

Lastly, branded hardware. Every rivet on your LuLaRoe denim is branded with either LuLaRoe (the front button) or the LuLaRoe logo square (the back of all of the rivets). We’ve been checking all of ours as we unbag them, but if you receive a pair of jeans that do not have branded rivets, let your consultant know because they should be.

The Finishes

For denim’s initial release we have two washes – the Standard and the Essential. The Standard is a mid-dark tone blue with whiskered details that is your perfect every day jean. The Essential is a dark indigo blue that is awesome for date night or when you want a more polished look with your denim.

As with any dark wash denim, your Essential wash in particular can rub a dark blue initially. This is called ‘crocking’ and happens because indigo is a topical dye aka it doesn’t permeate the fabric. If you want to seal in that dye, you can do so with a vinegar bath. There’s a great video here that walks you through that process in just a couple minutes.

More finishes are planned, so keep an eye out for more denim developments.


You denim sizing runs roughly in line with standard US denim sizing. Due to the stretchy nature of the material a lot of ladies have been able to wear multiple sizes or size down depending on their fit preference. I am an 8/10 and can wear a 28 or 30.

Not sure what size you are? We’re having a denim try on party on Tuesday, August 6th from 6-9pm at our shop above Gypsi Soul inc in Canterbury Village in Orion Twp, Mi. Come join us and feel free to bring a friend! Get directions here.