Intro to Pattern Mixing

Pattern mixing – or mashing as some call it – is a big trend for summer fashion this year. We’ve often played with it in the boutique, but we know that it’s a scary thing to a lot of people. If you are someone who is interested in trying out pattern mixing, but don’t know where to begin, check out these five rules of pattern mixing.

Color is Supreme

If you remember nothing else from this post remember this – your colors need to jive or the other four rules do not matter. More precisely, make sure at least one color is common between the pieces you are pattern mixing. More that one is even better.

Use Pattern Neutrals

Pattern neutrals are like neutral colors. They are patterns that mix well with other patterns. As a general rule these include stripes, polka dots, animal prints, and plaid. There are some who also include tie dye, but it depends a lot on the way the tie dye is done.

Texture is Different than Print (Most of the Time)

When playing with pattern mixing, texture – lace, imprints, knit, etc. – the majority of the time fits into the neutral pattern category. I say majority because some of these textures will come in colors that make a difference in that categorization and some are detailed enough or large enough to be considered a full on patter.

Vary Pattern Size

If you’ve been watching the runway photos or follow street style on Instagram then you may be looking at this and going ‘but, Alaina [insert name here] mixes patterns of the same size’. It’s true. There are people who mix similar size patterns and it looks amazing. However, as a rule, varying your pattern sizes helps your pattern mixes come together.

Confidence, Confidence, Confidence

If color is supreme, confidence is it’s best friend. No matter how well you mix your patterns you must be confident in what you’re wearing or people will be able to tell. That may mean that you start small. Throw in some polka dots or small stripes. Take baby steps. Find pictures of what you like as examples. Then, when you’re ready, rock that look with full confidence.

Looking for examples? Check out these pattern mixing outfits we’ve pulled together:

Prefer a video format? Check out our YoutTube video here:

Oversize Your Irma

Fall in love with an Irma shirt several sizes bigger than your usual? Want to try something a little different with the ones already in your closet? Don’t despair. We’ve got some styling ideas from the simple to the extreme for you to try out.

Cuff It & Belt It

Tame the oversized with cuffing on the sleeves to bring them up and a belt to bring in that waistline.

Knot It

This is a great way to bring it that extra fabric and it perfect for layering over a dress or long tank. Drop the knot down and it’s also cute with jeans or shorts.

Drop A Shoulder

Drop a shoulder and tuck the sleeve into itself for an asymmetrical look. If you want to add a little va va voom, add that belt on to create an hourglass shape.

Go Sleeveless

Drop the other shoulder and you’ve got a sleeveless dress. You can tuck the sleeves in themselves and throw a belt on to keep up the hourglass or use them to bring in the sides by knotting.

This is an example of what it looks like knotted in the back.

Though my favorite of the three is the front knot. Tuck the ends for a more elegant appearance.

Halter Up

Once you’ve dropped the collar into a sleeveless position, you can also choose to use the sleeves to create a halter neck. Pull up the sleeves, knot, and lean over to floof a little for a nice draped look.

As usual, throw on a belt if you feel like the material is taking over.

Skirt the Matter

If you want to completely change things around then this last transformational tip is for you. Drop that collar to your waist and you’ve got a new skirt. Since arms hanging off the sides aren’t exactly in (though you never know what you’ll see during fashion week), tie them to make them look like they’re supposed to be there.

I like the off-center front knot, but you can also tie in the back if you prefer a smoother appearance.

Just Rock It

If this all seems like too much effort, rock it as is or throw on some black leggings or skinny pants, cute shoes and an awesome pair or earrings and go. The most important part is that you feel confident in what you’re wearing.

Prefer to watch the styling happen? Our video is now live on YouTube! You can’t see the top of my head for most of it, but you can see the Irma and that’s the important part 😉

Questions? Let us know!

Playing Up Your Perfect

Playing Up Your Perfect

Want to change up the silhouette of your Perfect T? Here are a few styling ideas that you can try out today:

1. Front Knot

Our first change is super simple, but only works with a bottom piece you can tuck into. Take the back corners of your Perfect T at the base of the side slit, bring them to the front and knot them. Then tuck the front flap into your waistband and voila.

2. Front Blouse

This is a variation on #1. Just as with one, knot it in the front. This time, instead of tucking, pull up the extra fabric to create a bloused effect. Tuck corners as needed.

3. Back Knot

For this look, reverse what was done on #1. To keep the material from blousing oddly, twist inwards as you pull it back and then knot.

4. Back Twist

For the back twist, knot it underneath the back of the shirt. Next draw out the tail over the knot and twist in the direction most comfortable for you. Continue to twist until it wraps around itself. Knot the tip through the back and tuck. Adjust material as needed.

As with the more simple knots, this can also be reversed to be worn in the front.

5. Layer It

Put your Perfect T over top of your favorite dress and throw on a belt to bring in the waist for a layered look.

Watch #1-4 done live in our styling video:

Maximize Your Maxi

Want to get the most out of your maxi skirt? Here are a few styling ideas that you can try out today:

1. Maxi Dress

You maxi skirt makes a great swimsuit cover up or strapless summer dress just by pulling it up.

Want to hide your bra straps? Throw a Joy vest over top and add a touch of polish to you look. If you want to change it up further you can do a loose knot in the front which adds visual length or create a wrap look by tying it in the back.

2. Layer It

Have a dress in your closet that your maxi coordinates with? Layer it over top to give both pieces a new look. Since the maxi skirt is floor length, it can be layered over dresses from mini to maxi.

For example, this maxi is shown over the Cici flounce dress in two ways – first at the waist turning the dress into a flouncy top then pulled up for a maxi dress with a flounce.

Here the maxi is styled over a Nicole fit ‘n flare dress with a belt and vest.

3. Add Faux Buttons

To do this you’ll need some tiny rubber bands and buttons (or quarters). Place the button underneath the skirt where you want to create the button look and place the rubber band over. If you want to create a difference in height, fold up the section and use the ‘button’ to hold it in place.

4. Add a Floral Accent

Another way to change up the shape up the skirt is to create a flower using two hair bands.

5. Make a Draped Shirt/Dress

Flip your skirt upside down to create a draped skirt or mini dress – simply knot on each shoulder.

6. Make a Halter Top/Dress

Similar to the draped shirt, to create the halter top/dress flip your skirt upside down and knot behind your neck.

See more in our styling video!