Feature Style: The Cassie Pencil Skirt

Style Details

Name: Cassie
Type: Skirt
Sizes: XS-3X

The Cassie is a pencil skirt that is both fitted and walkable. It can be dressed up for work or a night out, but is comfortable enough for day to day wear.

So what are some of the features that make the Cassie so popular?

  • Most Cassies are made out of Liverpool – a thicker knit material that it stretchy but holds its shape.
  • A yoga waistband makes it comfortable while helping smooth the midsection. It can also be folded to adjust the length.
  • The stretchy material makes it walkable while being fitted.
  • It hits just above the knee on most people allowing it to go from work to play.

Watch out for our styling video and post going live next week with a variety of ways you can wear and style your Cassie! Until then, here are a few examples from our Instagram of how we’ve worn Cassie.




Playing Up Your Perfect

Playing Up Your Perfect

Want to change up the silhouette of your Perfect T? Here are a few styling ideas that you can try out today:

1. Front Knot

Our first change is super simple, but only works with a bottom piece you can tuck into. Take the back corners of your Perfect T at the base of the side slit, bring them to the front and knot them. Then tuck the front flap into your waistband and voila.

2. Front Blouse

This is a variation on #1. Just as with one, knot it in the front. This time, instead of tucking, pull up the extra fabric to create a bloused effect. Tuck corners as needed.

3. Back Knot

For this look, reverse what was done on #1. To keep the material from blousing oddly, twist inwards as you pull it back and then knot.

4. Back Twist

For the back twist, knot it underneath the back of the shirt. Next draw out the tail over the knot and twist in the direction most comfortable for you. Continue to twist until it wraps around itself. Knot the tip through the back and tuck. Adjust material as needed.

As with the more simple knots, this can also be reversed to be worn in the front.

5. Layer It

Put your Perfect T over top of your favorite dress and throw on a belt to bring in the waist for a layered look.

Watch #1-4 done live in our styling video:

Shop for a Cause: Boyle Fundraiser

Love to shop for a cause? Starting today, all regular purchases made with LuLaRoe Tilly’s Boutique for the next two weeks will be included as part of a multi-retailer fundraiser to support childhood Leukemia research and a very special little girl. Our donations will be matched by LuLaRoe and potentially a private match as well.

Meet Taylor

At just 11 days old Taylor was diagnosed with acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with the MLL genetic rearrangement. Statistically only 35% of the children diagnosed with this type of leukemia survive more than 5 years. After 18 months of intense chemotherapy her family found out that her cancer had relapsed.

With the relapse of her cancer her only chance of long term survival is a bone marrow transplant. For that to happen her leukemia has to show no evidence of disease in her marrow, but after suffering a brain infection it had taken over 88% of her marrow and blood.

Her last chance for a transplant was to get CarT cell treatment – where they take your own tcells and turn them into cancer killing machines then reinfuse them into your body. She was the youngest child and the first with that amount of disease to have this done at her home hospital of Children’s Hospital of Colorado.

The odds were against her, her organs failed her, but she survived. At 30 days she was showing MRD negative, which is exactly what she needed to show for the transplant. At day 41 they found out that Taylor’s cancer had turned into a new cancer – Acute Myeloid Leukemia.

All hope is not lost however. Her team is working hard to find a way to get her MRD negative again and one of the top researchers in Taylor’s cancer is coming to work at Children’s Hospital of Colorado!

Her doctor is doing lab work focusing on finding a way to wrangle this genetic rearrangement MLL and get it to act like the other cancers so they are able to find a standard way to treat and cure these kids. Also with Taylor’s lineage switch, this doctor and researcher are looking into using the information, data and genetics they have from Taylor to see if they can prevent it from happening in the future.

Taylor’s mother met with the foundation of Children’s Hospital of Colorado and through the funds raised in this fundraiser we will be able to help fund this specific research. We so excited for this opportunity to find a way to help increase the survival rate of these children, specifically Taylor!

Want to join in? Shop here for your purchase to be included in Taylor’s Fundraiser.

Feature Style: The Perfect T

Style Details

Name: Perfect T
Type: Top
Sizes: XXS-3X

The Perfect T is a favorite style in our boutique and is a mix between a t-shirt and a flowy tunic.

So what are some of the features that make the Perfect T so popular?

  • LuLaRoe’s Perfect T is longer than a regular t-shirt coming down over the top of the hip, which makes it a common pairing with leggings.
  • It is fitted through the bust the flares out to float around ‘problem’ areas.
  • There are slits on the sides so that its more tunic length doesn’t impair walking.
  • The scoop neckline is deep enough for a necklace but not so deep to worry about showing off anything you don’t want to.

Watch out for our styling video and post going live next week with a variety of ways you can wear and style your Perfect T!



Bridal Show Tomorrow!

Come see us tomorrow, Sunday, February 3rd, at the Here Comes the Brides Bridal Show! The show will be held at King’s Court in Canterbury Village and will include a variety of vendors to speak with for planning your wedding.

The first 100 brides receive a free weekender bag, so come enjoy the day. Everyone is welcome to this event. Children are free and parking is free.

Happy Hearts Club

Feeling the love this Valentine’s season? Happy Hearts Club has arrived – the 2019 Valentine’s collection from LuLaRoe featuring hearts, roses, and a bit of kitsch for the non-traditional at heart.

We have a limited number of Happy Hearts Club One Size & Tall and Curvy leggings available here.

This year’s collection also included the introduction of the Caroline, a hip length flowy cardigan; and Jessie, a straight hemmed swing dress with pockets. Both of these styles are expected to enter the main line later this spring.

Curious what the collection looks like? Here are just a few outfits we put together including pieces from Happy Hearts Club:

Maximize Your Maxi

Want to get the most out of your maxi skirt? Here are a few styling ideas that you can try out today:

1. Maxi Dress

You maxi skirt makes a great swimsuit cover up or strapless summer dress just by pulling it up.

Want to hide your bra straps? Throw a Joy vest over top and add a touch of polish to you look. If you want to change it up further you can do a loose knot in the front which adds visual length or create a wrap look by tying it in the back.

2. Layer It

Have a dress in your closet that your maxi coordinates with? Layer it over top to give both pieces a new look. Since the maxi skirt is floor length, it can be layered over dresses from mini to maxi.

For example, this maxi is shown over the Cici flounce dress in two ways – first at the waist turning the dress into a flouncy top then pulled up for a maxi dress with a flounce.

Here the maxi is styled over a Nicole fit ‘n flare dress with a belt and vest.

3. Add Faux Buttons

To do this you’ll need some tiny rubber bands and buttons (or quarters). Place the button underneath the skirt where you want to create the button look and place the rubber band over. If you want to create a difference in height, fold up the section and use the ‘button’ to hold it in place.

4. Add a Floral Accent

Another way to change up the shape up the skirt is to create a flower using two hair bands.

5. Make a Draped Shirt/Dress

Flip your skirt upside down to create a draped skirt or mini dress – simply knot on each shoulder.

6. Make a Halter Top/Dress

Similar to the draped shirt, to create the halter top/dress flip your skirt upside down and knot behind your neck.

See more in our styling video!

Feature Style: Maxi Skirt

maxi skirt details

Style Details

Name: Maxi
Type: Skirt
Sizes: XXS-3X

The maxi skirt was the skirt that started it all. It was born of a request from one of DeAnne’s daughters that led to Instagram requests to skirt parties to the birth of LuLaRoe. Thus part of why it’s just the maxi, not a name like most LuLaRoe styles.

So what are some of the features that make the maxi the maxi aside from being an ankle length skirt?

  • The LuLaRoe Maxi skirt includes a yoga waistband which can be folded to adjust the length of the skirt.
  • The skirt has a subtle mermaid flare giving it shape without impairing walkability.
  • The back is slightly longer accounting for the booty.
  • Most maxis are made of what we call the slinky/magic material which gives some flexibility between sizes.*

The maxi is also a style that can be worn in a variety of ways. We’ll explore those more next week, but here are just a few examples from our Instagram account:




*Not sure which material a particular piece is made from? Ask! We’re happy to fill you in on feel, flex, etc.

Fall Color Report: Core Colors

Hello, Fall!

It’s hard to believe, but in a couple of days Fall will officially arrive welcoming in the season of boots, pumpkin spice, and cozy sweaters as outerwear. It’s all sorts of cool and rainy here in Michigan today so I decided to kick off the boot portion of the season early.

I’m a bit of a boot addict, so don’t be surprised if there is a post in the future that extols the virtues of boots, but today I wanted to talk to you about what colors are going to be hot this season. There are several elements to the color reports that Pantone (the color institute) puts out including your core neutrals, top colors, and the palettes by major fashion city.

To keep this post from becoming forever long, I thought I would start out with our 5 core colors, which act as building blocks for the trending colors we will start looking at in our next post – Sargasso Blue, Tofu, Almond Bluff, Quiet Gray, and Meerkat aka your core neutrals.

core color palette

If you are looking for great basic pieces to integrate into your wardrobe, keep these five colors in mind.

I do have one caveat to that statement – mind your complexion. Almond Bluff looks amazing on a lot of people, but I am not one of them. Sargasso Sea, however, is a color I know will always look good on me, so pick the colors that make you shine using these posts to help you bring in seasonal elements.

Curious how to tie these in? Here are a few examples I pulled from our current inventory:

quiet gray perfect t & bat TC2 leggings
A ‘Quiet Gray’ Perfect T with bat leggings incluidng a pop of ‘Red Pear’
Capsule collection including S Irma, L Cassie, TC Leggings, XS Carly, M Shirley
A capsule collection based around ‘Meerkat’ & ‘Martini Olive’ with a few accents of ‘Valiant Poppy’
M striped Julia with S Chevron Cassie over it
A striped gray Julia with a Cassie in ‘Sargasso Sea’ and ‘Tofu’ with pops of color including ‘Meerkat’ and ‘Ceylon Yellow’

Have questions? Pop them in below!

~ Alaina