Meet Lucille & Valentina

Looking for something new and different from LuLaRoe? These two newly released style might be just what you’re waiting for!

The Lucille Cardigan

Lucille is here and ready for fall. She is a chunky knit cardigan with pockets that looks great oversized. She’s awesome with jeans, but is also long enough to wear with leggings and keep things covered.

Currently she has been released in solids, stripes, and two tone edged designs. She is coming in both a flat knit and a cable knit with a flat knit on the back.

Lucille has been hot, hot, hot so far so we only have a limited amount in stock right now, but plan to restock as soon as she becomes available for us to order again.

Shop Lucille now here.

The Valentina Button-Up

Our other new piece in shop is the Valentina button up. It’s no surprise that Valentina and versatile start with the same letter because she is a style that can go from casual to work attire and back again with no trouble at all.

At a glance Valentina may appear to be just any button up, but as I’ve been saying since I put her on at our Vision conference, she’s the button up I needed as a non-profit executive. Button ups have never been my friend as they were always all pull and no give. That isn’t the case with Valentina. She is made of a lightweight material blend that has enough stretch to look good without pulling or looking like you’re wearing a spandex bodysuit.

In addition to the material of Valentina making her great for fit, she also has tabs on the sleeve to button those scrunches or folds into place with a little more polish.

Shop Valentina here

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