Fall Color Report: Core Colors

Hello, Fall!

It’s hard to believe, but in a couple of days Fall will officially arrive welcoming in the season of boots, pumpkin spice, and cozy sweaters as outerwear. It’s all sorts of cool and rainy here in Michigan today so I decided to kick off the boot portion of the season early.

I’m a bit of a boot addict, so don’t be surprised if there is a post in the future that extols the virtues of boots, but today I wanted to talk to you about what colors are going to be hot this season. There are several elements to the color reports that Pantone (the color institute) puts out including your core neutrals, top colors, and the palettes by major fashion city.

To keep this post from becoming forever long, I thought I would start out with our 5 core colors, which act as building blocks for the trending colors we will start looking at in our next post – Sargasso Blue, Tofu, Almond Bluff, Quiet Gray, and Meerkat aka your core neutrals.

core color palette

If you are looking for great basic pieces to integrate into your wardrobe, keep these five colors in mind.

I do have one caveat to that statement – mind your complexion. Almond Bluff looks amazing on a lot of people, but I am not one of them. Sargasso Sea, however, is a color I know will always look good on me, so pick the colors that make you shine using these posts to help you bring in seasonal elements.

Curious how to tie these in? Here are a few examples I pulled from our current inventory:

quiet gray perfect t & bat TC2 leggings
A ‘Quiet Gray’ Perfect T with bat leggings incluidng a pop of ‘Red Pear’
Capsule collection including S Irma, L Cassie, TC Leggings, XS Carly, M Shirley
A capsule collection based around ‘Meerkat’ & ‘Martini Olive’ with a few accents of ‘Valiant Poppy’
M striped Julia with S Chevron Cassie over it
A striped gray Julia with a Cassie in ‘Sargasso Sea’ and ‘Tofu’ with pops of color including ‘Meerkat’ and ‘Ceylon Yellow’

Have questions? Pop them in below!

~ Alaina

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